Our Designers

Paris Greeting Card by ABO London

ABO London

Traditional Household Pests Tea Towel by Alice Shields

Alice Shields

24k Gold Vermeil Diamond Texture Pendant by Altana Marie

Altana Marie

Purses by Amy George

Amy George

 Guerrilla / Becci Maryanne

Becci Maryanne

Bekky May Ceramics

Bekky May Ceramics

Boodle Boutique

Boodle Boutique

Clare Phillips

Clare Phillips

Curious Beasties

Curious Beasties

Platform 11 Giclee Print by Dan Parry - Jones

Dan Parry - Jones

Hand Painted Triceratops Plate

Dixon Does Doodles

Lilac Ceramic Lace coaster by Duck Ceramics

Duck Ceramics

Marvin The Mouse Toy

Emily Taylor

Green Dragonfly Necklace by Emma Garner

Emma Garner

Yellow Rose Lampshade by Farrar Art Designs

Farrar Art Designs

Sterling Silver Geometria 3 Bracelet by Forest & Fawn

Forest & Fawn

Owlphabet A3 Print by From Little Seeds

From Little Seeds

Love Cottage Paper Sculpture by Frubean Art

Frubean Art

Eileen Bracelet - Lilac by Gaby Gassner

Gaby Gassner

Onyx Earrings by Helen Walls

Helen Walls

Concrete Black Side Light


Rita Pastel Suspender by Iris London

Iris London

Katie Spragg

Katie Spragg

Sky Is The Limit In Green Silk Scarf

Leona Lengyel

Stokes Croft Squirrel Greetings Card by Little Birdy Crafts

Little Birdy Crafts

Handmade Porcelain Bowl With Pearly Disc by Melissa Ceramics

Melissa Ceramics

Stag Mirror by Mica Peet

Mica Peet

Mitts by Mitchell and Black Textiles

Mitchell and Black Textiles

Bowler Hat Light by Mr J Designs

Mr J Designs

E.E. Cummings Engraved Vintage Money Clip by Pumpkinseed Jewellery

Pumpkinseed Jewellery

Sterling Silver Circle Necklace by Rebecca Gladstone

Rebecca Gladstone

Pineapple Earrings by Red Bird Makes

Red Bird Makes

Pituti Teddy Bear Greeting Card by Romina Berenice Canet

Romina Berenice Canet

Wish Card by Saunders Creative

Saunders Creative

Jackal Buzzard A3 Giclee Print

Sky Siouki

Wooden Owl Earrings by Stitch - Ink

Stitch - Ink

Hand-thrown Ceramic Tea Light Holder by The Village Pottery

The Village Pottery

Tiny Designs

Tiny Designs

Evolution Print by Tobias Illustrations

Tobias Illustrations

Gold Mountains Vest by Wolfe Academy

Wolfe Academy

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