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Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday

Posted By: Rachel Drake, 24th February 2016

This week Penny from Lillies and Love tells us what is on her Objets De Désir wish list! 

I've picked my top items from the website to share with you today


                                  Lily lampshade | Objets de Desir

                                     Arum Lily Lampshade - £52

Arum Lilies are my favourite type of flower (hence the first part of my blog name!) so I couldn't scroll past this shade - it's beautiful!  I think I'd have it in the corner of a living room making a cosy corner perfect for snuggling up in with a book.


                                      Sir Nils Penguin Brooch | Objets de Desir


                                            Penguin Brooch - £12

My Dad's nickname for me is 'Penny Penguin' so every time I see anything penguin-related it makes me think of him!


                                        Cat Necklace by Benu | Objets de Desir

                                                  Cat Necklace - £14
                              A necklace with a cat on it.  I need this in my life!

I love how quirky and unique all these pieces are; I've not seen them anywhere else and it's very easy to see repeated products online when you browse as much as I do!  There's so many items I've not featured here, you definitely have to nip over to their website and have a look for yourself - there are a few things I spotted and immediately thought of people they'll be a great present for, so I know I'll be returning to make some gift purchases in the future!

What do you think of the Objets De Desir range?  And HOW amazing is the cat necklace?!

LilliesandLove xx




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