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Curious Beasties!

Curious Beasties!

Posted By: Eska Marsh , 26th January 2017

The works of talented Bristol artist and illustrator: Emma Holden.

Emma Holden graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2003, after completing a Masters Degree in Painting. She worked as a London based artist and has exhibited her work throughout London, Aberdeen and in various European cities.

Emma moved to Bristol in 2008 and has been working on various projects over the years.

If the weather today is making your Thursday a slightly glum one, then just take a look at these characterful woodland creatures.

Emma's recent work incorporates her passion for nature and organic structures. Emma makes striking pieces from lino printing and painting. She creates distinctive designs of iconic woodland creatures such as the owl and the fox which she hand prints onto notebooks and cards. All of which can be found in the shop along with A5 and A4 giclee prints.

Emma also creates inquisitive felted sculptures under the name of Curious Beasties. You can find her beginner felt kits in the shop along with hand felted brooches. Lovely!

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